Congratulations on your new project.  MRWC looks forward to
establishing water service for you.  There are two sets of applications
and fees required prior to connecting water service to a new property,
Hook-up Application and the New Service Account Application.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • If a meter box already exists on the property the hook-up fee may
    still apply to lots never served water before.  All newly served
    properties must pay the one-time hook-up fee.  This fee is used to
    support the infrastructure of the water system (wells, tanks, pumps,
    water mains, etc.)  If a meter box is present, service is normally
    established within 5 days.
  • If a meter box is not present, it may take up to 3 weeks to schedule
    installation of a new water service line off the main and meter box.  
    MRWC schedules most installations for the 2nd Monday of the
    month. However, we must receive the application and fees no later
    than the 1st Monday of the month in order to process and order
    the installation.  Otherwise, your connection will be scheduled for
    the following month.
  • MRWC determines the location of the water meter box.  
  • The customer is responsible for installation and connection of the
    water line from the meter box to the facility being served.
  • The customer must provide and maintain a private shut-off valve
    within 18 inches of the meter on the customers side of the meter.
  • A customer may have to provide and maintain a backflow
    preventer assembly, if required by MRWC.
  • If the County or State Fire Marshall requires fire-protection for the
    facility, this may need to be satisfied prior to connection of water
  • There are a few streets in the service area where the mains are
    currently shut and it may take additional time to establish service
    to these properties.  Contact MRWC for more information (Contact

Click Here to download the Hook-up form

Click here to download the
New Service Account form
New Service Connections
(new construction hook-up)