Commitment to Service
MRWC values its customers and strives for high customer satisfaction.  MRWC is
committed to treating each customer with respect and implementing its policies
consistently.   Below are levels in the dispute resolution process.

MRWC will make every effort to respond directly to any consumer issue in a timely
manor.  Please contact Patsy Olsen at 928-300-3291 if you have a concern needing
our attention, or use this
Contact Us link to send us an e-mail.  It is our sincere wish to
resolve issues at this level.

MRWC is regulated under the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).  As such a
consumer complaint unresolved in LEVEL 1 can be referred to the ACC.  Normally ACC
will require a customer to attempt to resolve the issue directly with the utility.  If this is
unsuccessful the customer may file an
informal complaint.  ACC will attempt to assist in
resolving the issue.  For more information you may contact ACC at 1-800-222-7000 or
the link below:
ACC Consumer Services

LEVELS 3 & 4
Level 3 is an arbitration process with ACC.  Level 4 is a formal complaint in which a
formal hearing is held before an ACC administrative law judge.
Dispute Resolution