Bluestake - Call Before You Dig

MRWC is a member of the Arizona Bluestake system.  By contacting the Bluestake call
center at least two working days prior to digging, you are protecting yourself from certain
liabilities and protecting the safety of the communities water system.  The call the center will
ask for information about your project and contact most utilities for you.  

Water utilities are an exception, and Bluestake will give you a phone number to contact the
water company directly.   Once you have called Bluestake they will also give you a
"Bluestake ticket number".  When you have this number please call MRWC at 928-300-3291
to arrange for the locating of buried water lines in your area.  You may also use the "contact
us" link below to make a locate request.
TOLL FREE 1-800-782-5348