Montezuma Rimrock Water Co is required by EPA, ADEQ and the ACC to protect the
water system from foreign contaminants.  Contamination can cause widespread sickness
or other risks to human health.  Contaminants can potentially enter the system from cross-
connections and backflow from a customers service connection to the water system.  Most
commercial and multi-family residences will be required to install and maintain backflow
prevention assemblies.  Some single family residences will also require protection.  Some
of the risks which warrant backflow prevention include:

  • Multi-family and Multi-story Housing
  • All Commercial Properties
  • All Properties with Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems (other than approved
    conventional gravity septic systems, meeting all State and County requirements)
  • All Properties with an Alternative Source of Water (e.g., private well)
  • Underground Landscape, Turf and Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • Pools and Spas
  • Properties with Automotive, Paint, Photo, Pesticide and Other Chemical Storage,
    Handling or Processing Activities.
  • Plumbing and Setback Variances from Various Regulatory Agencies and Plumbing

If MRWC requires a backflow protection device, please respect the fact that we
protect the public from
real or potential backflow or cross-connection hazards.  Providing
a safe water supply is MRWC's highest priority.  MRWC may terminate water service, with
notice, to a customer for failing to comply with a written backflow requirement.  Water
service may also be immediately terminated anytime an imminent hazard is identified.  

MRWC will determine the type of backflow assembly that will be required.   After
notification, generally 30-days is allowed for installation, testing, and submittal of a
satisfactory testing report prepared by a
certified backflow technician.  Annually
thereafter, the assembly must be re-certified and the report sent to MRWC.

MRWC is a member of the
University of Southern California Foundation for Cross-
Connection Control and Hydraulic Research.  MRWC maintains a comprehensive list of
approved assemblies, and can recommend a local certified technician.
Backflow Prevention